Christie's Car Keys


I just celebrated my 16th anniversary at Modern Automotive. 16 years of advertising/marketing and public relations for an unpredictable, never-ending roller coaster ride called automotive.

It's been a wild ride. And being a female in an organization that...let's face it...isn't female-oriented, has been challenging at times. But in a way it has also been a blessing. At least when it comes time for me to purchase a vehicle or get one serviced, I am not at a loss. In fact, I feel empowered to step right up without hesitation.

Realizing that, I felt I owed it to my gender to help them feel the same way by sharing what I've learned. I figured that even if they already have the confidence, perhaps I could give them some information, packaged in a (hopefully) entertaining format, which they can use.

But that's not the sole mission. After all, men are not born with knowledge about cars, any more than women are born knowing how to cook, clean, or do laundry. So anybody who wants to learn how to navigate (without a GPS) the auto industry is welcome here.

Every month I'll share lots of "how to's" about cars - how to buy one, how to sell one, how to repair one. And I'll also show you the inner workings of the industry. Everything from what car ads really say, to a sneak peek at a day in the life of a sales manager.

I invite you to take this journey with me. Who knows where we'll end up but it should be a good trip. So grab this month's "Car Keys" and let's get going...

Christie Walin is Director of Marketing for Modern Automotive. Send your questions or comments to